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Yeoh shared a glimpse of the Funny casey schmitt happens shirt it is in the first place but evening’s getting ready process in the clip. “Now I have Daniel [Martin] and Christopher [Naselli],” Yeoh said in the makeup chair, crediting her makeup artist and hairstylist, respectively, for their invaluable skill and vision. “Without them, whatever mantra wouldn’t work.” Yeoh also shared that working with the Lagerfeld label, which employs staff who worked with the late namesake designer for decades, felt like collaborating with the maestro himself. Yeoh particularly gleaned a lot from an 84-year-old tailor named Anitta. “I really enjoyed working with them, because you could hear Karl’s voice, almost,” Yeoh shared. “It was very interesting what they felt and how they saw as they created something with Karl in mind.”

Funny casey schmitt happens shirt

Yeoh chose to keep things relatively simple on the Funny casey schmitt happens shirt it is in the first place but accessories front. The star chose to wear her hair up to showcase the exposed neckline of her outfit and megawatt Cartier necklace. Yeoh, a noted watch lover, topped things off with a Richard Mille timepiece. The final product: a timeless and chic tribute to Lagerfeld that even the notoriously discerning designer would likely approve of. When A-list stars attend the glitzy Met Gala, they typically use their fashion choices to become a character for the night, wearing bold ensembles that are a tad more over-the-top and fabulous than their everyday garb. But for Kim Kardashian, the annual red carpet event has served more as an opportunity to play into her recurring style signatures—namely, her eternal love of bodycon dressing. Over the years, Kardashian has slipped into a number of looks that are all about dramatically enhancing the figure.

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