I’d tap that golf T-shirt

That was a nightmare. It was February, and it got dark early. By the I’d tap that golf T-shirt Besides time I got off work and was able to go get a paper and look for available rentals, it was dark out, and I didn’t feel very safe, or comfortable, going out at night to find a payphone, much less go and look for a new rental situation. Also, it cost me money I didn’t have to keep making calls, since I was frequently told that the place I was calling about was already rented. And if I received a message asking for my number so they could call me back, I had no phone they could call me back on. But then suddenly, out of the blue, after living with her for approximately 5–6 weeks, she decided I had to go. It was like she had suddenly developed some kind of paranoia about me. She told me she was afraid that having me living with her was putting her in jeopardy of getting kicked out of her apartment. I couldn’t understand why. She didn’t have any real answers for me. She told me she took some of her more valuable possessions and stored them at her boyfriend’s place, for fear that I might steal them from her. This was many, many years ago when I was living in Los Angeles. I worked for an answering service (this was back in the days before answering machines) and she worked for the same service, but I worked the day shift and she worked PM shift. I was looking for a place to move to, as my current situation was less than desirable. She was having trouble making ends meet, and said she wanted to take on a roommate to share expenses. She had a nice little apartment in a cozy little complex in Santa Monica, and it seemed like it would be a good deal for both of us. The other people I worked with warned me about her, saying she was really weird and crazy, and that I shouldn’t move in with her. Finally, I was able to connect with another roommate situation in another part of town. Marion was eager to get me out, and said she’d help me move my stuff into the new place. I filled up my car with stuff, and she put some of my other stuff in her little car. I had a small wardrobe chest that had to be tied to the top of my car, and she helped me with that. My new place was an upstairs apartment, and I asked if she would help me to get it off the top of my car, and carry it up the stairs to my new place. She assured me she would.

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I'd tap that golf T-shirt

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