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The look echoed the Official lauri markkanen jordan clarkson 2023 shirt But I will love this LA-inspired collection that Virginie Viard debuted at the “one night only” event, which saw models take to the catwalk in bodysuits, leg-warmers and wedges. “I thought let’s do Jane Fonda, Cindy Crawford – all our heroines,” Viard said ahead of the showcase. Robbie likely kept a close eye on the offering, given that her Barbie press tour is imminent – the pink looks, in particular, deserve a moment on the red carpet. Sofia Richie’s lavish wedding at perhaps the most famous hotel in the south of France took TikTok by storm. Sofia’s new style era, which Liat Baruch, her stylist, describes as “classic and elegant”, seems to have captivated Gen Z, with #sofiarichiestyle racking up some 250 million views on the platform. Now the newlywed has gone from her honeymoon to the front row, joining the likes of Margot Robbie and Tracee Ellis Ross at the Chanel Cruise show in LA. And it seems Sofia is still enjoying playing the bride.

Official lauri markkanen jordan clarkson 2023 shirt

Sofia attended with her husband, Elliot Grainge, wearing top-to-toe Chanel. Her look featured a white bouclé tweed jacket with layers of baby pink ostrich feathers embroidered over the Official lauri markkanen jordan clarkson 2023 shirt But I will love this front, a matching pair of white silk mini shorts, and an ivory and black pair of sandals adorned with lambskin and grosgrain. Sofia topped it all off with a magenta mini flap shoulder bag and pink logo earrings. Her emerald-cut diamond wedding ring was the finishing touch. We already knew Sofia was a fan of Chanel – she wore no fewer than three custom Chanel looks for her wedding celebrations – and we can likely expect plenty more to come. When asked how it feels to be dressing a new generation It-girl, Sofia’s stylist Baruch says: “It’s truly just the beginning – she’s being catapulted to a different level, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.”

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