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It was written by two guys, so they were interested in my take on Yas’s character. Also making all the Transgod apparel 2023 shirt moreover I love this flashbacks feel slightly more surreal—whenever I think back at something that happened, I imagine it in a slightly theatrical way. Like, Oh, I said it so well and I looked great when I said it. It’s a human thing—when you tell a story, you make it into this big incredible thing, and so it was important that those flashbacks felt a lot more elevated. We met some incredible actors, but when Vivian and David walked in, they were just right. I can’t put my finger on why. I like actors who aren’t necessarily comedy actors. They’re technically good, and they have the right instincts as actors, but they have funny bones. They’re not playing to be funny, but they understand funny, and that was key. Both of them had buckets of that.Raine Allen-Miller (right) on the set of Rye Lane.Photo by Chris Harris. Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2022 20th Century StudiosTransgod apparel 2023 shirt

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