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It turns out that Smith’s first job was not in the Bryson Stott HIM MLBPA 2023 shirt Furthermore, I will do this garment district but on Capitol Hill, in the office of Secretary of the Treasury James Baker, followed by a sharp pivot to the public relations department at Calvin Klein in the late ’90s, a moment when “everyone walked through his doors” and Calvin the man still presided over his empire. Despite wearing black for her interview with Anna Wintour (a known no-no), Smith got the role of market editor and in the ensuing two decades has done everything from oversee the creation of custom Alice in Wonderland costumes for the famed Grace Coddington-Annie Leibovitz fairytale shoot starring Natalia Vodianova, to dress 100 runners to open the Vogue World fashion show this past September. All in a day’s work for Smith!We also checked in with Ukrainian designer Svitlana Bevza, who, after a brief decampment to Poland and then Portugal, returned to Kyiv with her two young children. As the family attempts to resume their daily lives in Ukraine’s capital, some things are the same as before–Svitlana still goes to work near the Presidential Office Building, her children are in school and daycare–while others are decidedly different: her husband has joined the military, electricity is erratic, and school is sometimes canceled for fear of bombings. Despite this, Bevza continues to create the clothes beloved from Ukraine to the United States, and now produced with more pride than ever.Bryson Stott HIM MLBPA 2023 shirt

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