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At 31, Butler is 10 years older than Gerber, but don’t worry, I’m not going to lead us into the Pittsburgh Pirates David bednar renegade shirt In addition,I will do this mire of age gap discourse. All I will say is that, when I was Gerber’s age, I dated people my own age who treated me horribly as well as older people who were genuinely nice and decent to me, so I hope the latter is what’s unfolding between Gerber and her beau. The pair made their official couple debut at the Met Gala in 2022—the fact that they’re both on that invite list must give them plenty to bond about, regardless of the difference in age between them. Gerber is one of my favorite nepo babies, along with Sofia Coppola’s TikTok-famous daughter, and I want good things for her; or, to be more specific, I want her to avoid the specific heartbreak of becoming obsessed with a 23-year-old skater who absolutely does not care about you in any known dimension. (I’m definitely not pulling from my own life experience here. Nope!)Pittsburgh Pirates David bednar renegade shirt

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